Lilium Ent. Mod Application

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Thank you for your interest in being part of our team. While we don't expect veterans on this, please apply if you are serious about learning and doing the best you can, follow the rules, willing to participate in decision-making, and help stimulate the activity of the server.

All Grands and Mods have rules besides the ones in the server that we will be giving you and helping you understand while on trial, we have a guide ready for you.

Grands are the admins, the final decision makers. Highest power. Their decisions are final and must be respected.

Crusaders are the second in charge, they are the first to ban, kick, mute, etc. It will be given to those have special level of patience and able to deal with verbal conflicts. Whether at the moment of the conflict or later, those with the role need to deliver the best presentation of what Lilium is and its policy and fix those tensions.

Sentinels which is a type of 'mod'.You are only there to ban or kick if an obvious troll or offender comes to the server or drives it up a limit. In charge of quick and drastic measures if there isn't a crusader around.

Trial Knights share the same rights and conditions as Sentinels, except they can choose to be promoted to either Sentinel or Crusader.

You can be a trial knight and if the Grand tells you: You can be a crusader or sentinel, then you can choose. If the Grand tells you that you can only be a sentinel, then you will be such unless the grand tells you that you can become crusader if you want.

Promotion and Demotion is possible depending the situation, i.e The situation formerly mentioned, need to focus on studies, health, etc.

You will start as a trial Knight which can last from 3 weeks to 4, after that you will be given the role or choice of role that we believe fits you. Please understand that if we do not give you a role, you can still be part of the staff for activities (that we plan to put in effect soon enough) and do not take this personal.

We will contact you whether we turn you down or not, and will keep you in mind if we need someone in the future.

You agree to never disclose Staff-only information such as private text channels and discussions. You agree to follow and enforce the server's rules and guidelines. Poor behavior will result in demotion. You agree that you need to contact the Server Owner regarding any changes that will impact your ability to moderate.

If you have read all of that, agree to the terms and everything is of your interest, you can continue to apply.

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